Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handmade for the Holidays - DIY Coffee Sleeve

I'm normally pretty good about bringing my reusable coffee cup to me when I get a latte.  However, there are times when I forget it.  I always feel bad using the little cardboard sleeves so have started carrying one of my handmade coffee sleeves in my purse for whenever I forgot my travel mug.  And if you make it in green or red it makes a perfect, quick, and inexpensive handmade gift for the holidays!

What you'll need:
  • Scrap of fabric
  • Iron on interfacing
  • Button
  • Stretch chord (2 inches)
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Coffee sleeve for template
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine

1) You will need to cut out the two pieces of fabric and one piece of the interfacing.  I put the cardboard template on top of fabric/interfacing and cut a quarter inch around the template.

2) You will need to iron the interfacing to the fabric (if your fabric has a side you will need to iron onto the wrong side of the fabric).

3) Now sew the button onto your fabric about two inches in from one end.

4) Put the two pieces of the fabric wrong sides together and place your chord on the inside of the fabric sandwich with the loop facing in.

5) Now sew around the two long sides and the side that the chord is on with a quarter inch seam allowance.  Turn inside out.  Fold the open edges in about a quarter inch and then iron.
6) Now sew a quarter inch around the entire coffee sleeve to finish it off.  I didn't have any cardboard cups so had to take a picture of it on one of my mugs.  See the finished product below.  Pretty cute huh?

Let me know how yours turns out!  Would love to see yours.

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  1. the coffee sleeve makes a great and easy homemade gift for any occasion. very cute!

  2. Great idea!! Now I have an excuse to go to Starbucks. I need a template!

  3. Glad I could give you an excuse to go get coffee!

  4. gorgeous I love it! Great tutorial for us sewing challenged folks!

  5. Save time and just cut the cuffs of flannel shirts from the thrift store!!! I made a very memorable one for my Mom from my grandfathers favorite flannel after he passed. It was great way to keep warm in the winter an defiantly a treasured DIY gift!