Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love owls ornament!

I love owls!  So when I saw the owl ornament banner over at West Elm I got excited, but they didn't have the ornament for sale.  It looked easy enough to make so I decided to make it myself.

I just took 1 inch strips of cardstock and ran it through my paper crimper that I got at the dollar store a few years back.  Then started rolling them up and gluing along the way with my glue gun to make the eyes and belly.  I glued in some black beads for the eyes.  Then I added a few wing feathers, some eyebrows, and a beak.  And voila my very own West Elm inspired owl ornament!


  1. Super cute sis! I was literally just thinking about making some owl ornaments... but this is way craftier than I was envisioning. You're awesome! You could cover your whole tree in these cuties!

  2. Your newest follower! Would LOVE a follow