Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chalkboard Box

I've really been loving everything made with chalkboard paint that I have been seeing all over the place.

So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and bought some chalkboard spray paint and decided to make something myself (Why I decided I needed to put corks in it I'm not sure...they just looked kinda cool sitting there next to my box).

I decided to take this thrift store box that I got for fifty cents and give it a makeover.

First, I ripped out the fuzzy lining.  Ahh it's already starting to look better!

Then I put on three coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.  I let it dry overnight and then had my very own chalkboard box.


  1. Such a neat it!


  2. this is a great idea! I am reorganizing my craft room right now and I am totally going to make these!

    thanks for sharing them

  3. Very nice. I like to take something yucky and make it nice which is what you did. Good work.

  4. Cute, cute chalkboard box. I need to hop onto the chalkboard paint wagon, lol. Did you know you can do the same thing with craft acrylic paint. Yep... you can write on it just fine using chalk and the plus is that you have a choice of colors Ü

  5. Great re-do, love the idea! Thanks for linking up today!

  6. I'm a chalkboard bandwagon jumper myself. Love it!
    Thanks for linking up to my Pity Party!

  7. This is a very very good idea. well done!

  8. Looks great! Your chalkboard bins are such a fun way to organize! Thanks for linking up to my party. :)

    - Megan

  9. chalkboard paint is the best invention!

  10. What a great idea! great way to get things organized as well. thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing! Never really thought of using chalkboard paint this way... But I will now!!